This first edition of the Applied Research Charging Infrastructure symposium was organized by NKL in collaboration with Dutch-INCERT.

The Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Public Charging Infrastructure (NKL)

NKL is the platform where government, knowledge institutions and companies come together to achieve affordable public charging. NKL stimulates development in the public charging sector, facilitates and supports innovative projects and ensures the exchange of knowledge. In the process, we strengthen the position of the Netherlands in the public charging sector.

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NKL: Roland Ferwerda (Program Coordinator), Ivo Weekenborg (Director), Nicole van der Schraaf (Communication).

'Provide an overview'

“Our mission is to accelerate the roll-out of public charging infrastructure. We have several projects and programs that supports this mission. Of course, we like as many charge points as possible. We like them cheap, we like them smart. But we also would like to bring together all the knowledge available, to have an overview of all research projects, developments and results, and connect it to market parties or governments. That’s why we’re so happy to host this symposium.”

Roland Ferwerda,
Program Coordinator at NKL

Dutch Innovation Centre for Electric Road Transport (Dutch-INCERT)

Dutch-INCERT strives to make a successful transition to electric mobility in the Netherlands. It was founded by the Universities of Technology of Eindhoven, Delft and Twente and the Universities of Applied Sciences of Rotterdam, Arnhem/Nijmegen, Amsterdam and Fontys. Dutch-INCERT is a platform that supports scientific and applied research and technological and educational innovation. Dutch-INCERT is pre-competitive and aims to connect research and development to electric mobility transition in the Netherlands. The platform encourages collaboration between various stakeholders, including industry and (local) governments.

‘Most important challenge’

“Charging infrastructure is probably the most important challenge we face. Consumers are already convinced of the advantages of electric vehicles. Thanks to research and technological development, electric vehicles are still improving. But not only electric vehicles are improving. Availability and speed of charging infrastructure are improving as well.”

Frank Rieck,
Lector Future Mobility
at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and president of Dutch-INCERT

Robert van den Hoed and Auke Hoekstra talk about the urgency for researchers and practitioners to connect and share knowledge at this conference.

‘An important export product’

“This conference is vital to the development of charging infrastructure and electric mobility. It’s an opportunity for scientists to connect with practitioners and other stakeholders. This conference provides an overview as well, of all research available, and of all possible connections and collaborations. The Netherlands is front runner in this area. Our knowledge on charging infrastructure can become an important export product.”

Robert van den Hoed is Professor Energy and Innovation at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Auke Hoekstra is Senior Advisor Smart Mobility at Eindhoven University of Technology.


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