Which development stands out the most? What is definitely promising for the EV-market? Some views expressed by the participants.

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‘Data and facts are leading’

“This conference was mainly about data and facts and I think that’s good news. I believe it’s promising that we can introduce affordable cars with advanced technology batteries. Although global sales figures have been relatively small, growth had picked up speed. A growing number of drivers chooses electric. That’s why we have to be smart about charging infrastructure. I am happy to learn that there’s a lot of knowledge available. It’s my experience that in the Netherlands, we are good at connecting projects, businesses and the right people. That way, we can keep our head start in electric mobility.”

Jaap van Tiggelen, Groupe Renault

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‘Building my own EV-parking lot’

“I’m a student at Delft University and I’m working on a design for a parking lot, in Delft. I’ve got the dimensions, the location. It will be a parking lot with as many electric mobility facilities as possible. It’s very interesting to learn about all the research that has been done on this subject. Designing a building is not just about the building. I have to ask myself: is it future-proof, sustainable? So I have to think about charging points, solar panels, even wireless charging. On every subject I learnt something new today. This symposium is like an extensive literature study, all in one day.”

Novy Francis, Student Delft University

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‘Sustainable, future-proof policies’

“The market for electric cars used to be very small, but electric mobility is becoming more and more mainstream. That is why we need smart charging infrastructure. The number of charging points needs to increase. Not so long ago a city like Amsterdam had 1000 charging points; today there are more than 2000 and we still need more. Moreover, we need smart techniques and policies. Especially policies on smart charging infrastructure need to be future-proof. It should all be part of a sustainable energy policy, one that lasts longer than one government’s term of office.”

Harm-Jan Idema, APPM Management Consultants

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‘Share our knowledge’

“I’m a passionate advocate of open source. I’m from a generation that likes to share: cars, apartments, but also knowledge. There are so many data available, but we are too afraid to share. I believe in open source, share all our information with other stakeholders. There’s so much data left unused, we are really missing the opportunity to improve our businesses. Through open source, students can design smart apps based on our data, and start-ups can find ways to make the market of electric mobility accessible for everyone.”

Laura Mittelmeijer, Student Energy Science, Utrecht University

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‘What have we accomplished so far?’

“I’ve noticed that a lot of research has been done that’s useful, but at the same time the various research projects show a certain overlap. I therefore strongly believe we need to put our words into action. For the past years I’ve heard several stakeholders set goals for 2020. But it’s almost 2020, we need results now. What have we accomplished so far? Have we accomplished what we were aiming for five years ago? I still believe that electric mobility is the future. Let’s keep innovating, even though laws and regulations sometimes slow us down.”

Flip Oude Weernink, Fier Automotive