ECISS provides insight into EV roaming context

EV roaming is still a relatively new field and stakeholders benefit from insights to build on so they can provide better service to EV drivers. Over the past two years, the ECISS project has therefore been conducting research on EV roaming as a link in the overall energy consumption structure.

A Flexible Reference Architecture has been developed that provides insight into the different roles within the communication system of EV charging and the electrical grid. Knowledge has also been acquired on functionalities in software and system technology, price structure and transparency, and ISO 15118.

Any stakeholder can make use of the insights provided by ECISS for continued development. Parties working on price transparency, functionalities or the connection between the energy network and the charging infrastructure can draw on the available documentation. The knowledge is to be transferred to the EVRoaming Foundation, thus placing the results of the project in an international context as a contribution to the ultimate goal: carefree charging for EV drivers, anytime, anywhere.

ECISS was a partnership between Allego, Eneco eMobility, Greenflux, Jedlix, NKL and TNO, and was funded by the TKI Urban Energy subsidy programme of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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ECISS stands for
ECISS stands for Emobility Communication and Information System Structure


The ECISS partners recorded their research results in documentation that is freely available to all. You can find the documentation here.



ECISS is a future-focused project dedicated to furthering the development of roaming electric transport and connecting charging infrastructure with smart energy infrastructure. To this end, ECISS supports the development of the independent OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) protocol. ECISS has a modular structure, with separate working groups focusing on separate component tasks while maintaining mutual contact.

Themes: Data transparency for stakeholders and EV drivers; efficient OCPI architecture; research into new functionalities; and the car as a power storage unit and component of smart energy networks.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, under TSE Urban Energy.

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About the EVRoaming Foundation

The results of ECISS are transferred to the EVRoaming Foundation. The objective of the EVRoaming Foundation is to facilitate roaming services for charging electric vehicles and provide transparent information to consumers about charging locations and prices, by use of the open and independent Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) protocol. The ultimate goal is to allow any EV driver to charge at any charging station in the EU: simplify, standardize and harmonize.

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ECISS is a future-focused collaborative project between partners Allego, Eneco, Greenflux, Jedlix, TNO and NKL. Its objective is the continued development of EV roaming services and the harmonization of charging infrastructure and smart energy infrastructure.